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This year, Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI) will showcase Eastern Germany’s cutting-edge fields in a number of locations including Canada, China, Israel, USA, and Japan. Once again, we will focus on connecting Eastern German high-tech clusters with international partners.

The BioEconomy Cluster, which promotes the material and energetic use of non-food biomass, will be first in line. Its more than 75 members include companies, research institutes and educational institutions from sectors like the timber and forestry industry, the chemical industry, the plastics industry, and plant engineering, A delegation of representatives from the cluster, the IMG Sachsen-Anhalt and GTAI will visit the regions of Toronto and Sarnia at the end of May.

Read on to find out more about start-up activity, groundbreaking new scientific and technology developments, and other news from Eastern Germany in our latest newsletter.


Dr. Jürgen Friedrich


INVEST | New Opportunities for Your Business

  • Cluster Promotion BioEconomy | Toronto & Sarnia, Canada | May 28 – June 1
  • Cluster Promotion Cleantech | Vancouver, Canada; Seattle & Los Angeles, USA | June 25 - 29

TRADE | Business Delegation Trips for Companies from Eastern Germany

  • South Africa | September
  • Vietnam | October
  • Korea | October

More details to follow soon.


  • GERMANY TRADE & INVEST | Germany All Aboard the 5G Superhighway
    5G promises to impact on our lives more than any other wireless technology before it, ushering in superfast speeds, a huge increase in throughput, security and resilience. The 5G Lab Germany at the Technical University of Dresden is at the forefront of research.

  • GERMANY TRADE & INVEST | Berlin Start-up with US Roots
    Berlin start-up Relayr has an American founder and backing from a prominent US venture capital fund. The specialized cloud service provider not only wants to make the machines of industrial companies more intelligent, but also to develop their businesses.

  • BERLIN | Spring Tech Event Guide
    Looking at the event calendar, there are so many opportunities for the Berlin tech scene to meet that it is hard not to lose track. For that reason, “log in. berlin.” has listed some you should keep in mind this spring.

  • BRANDENBURG | Film as Economic Factor – Basis for 50,000 Jobs in the Capital Region
    For the film industry in Berlin & Brandenburg, 2017 was a success: 5,000 days of shooting took place, and the expertise of local companies, in the field of visual effects for example, is internationally in high demand. [in German]

  • MECKLENBURG-VORPOMMERN | New Steps in the Fight Against Cancer
    Backed by public support, a new joint project of the university hospitals in Greifswald and Rostock and the Miltenyi Biotec GmbH aims at developing customized immunotherapies for pancreatic and colorectal cancer patients. [in German]

  • SAXONY | New Composite Material as Potential Lifesaver in Car Crashes
    A new composite material developed by the TU Freiberg is a potential lifesaver in car crashes. In the event of impact, a mix of metal and zirconium dioxide ceramic allows for a shift in the arrangement of atoms causing the material to expand. Automotive engineering is just one promising area of application. [in German]

  • SAXONY-ANHALT | Drive “made in Germany” for Future Space Exploration
    The world’s largest radio telescope currently under construction in South Africa will be equipped with a custom-built elevation drive by the INKOMA Maschinenbau GmbH from Saxony-Anhalt.

  • THURINGIA | Finding Culprits Faster Thanks to Fraunhofer IOF
    Developed in collaboration with police experts, the institute’s handheld optical 3D scanner offers new possibilities for the preservation and analysis of evidence at crime scenes, as well as the identification of people. [in German]




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