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Berlin is one of Europe’s most important start-up locations – providing a home to 17 percent of all German start-ups. With a special focus placed on IoT and FinTech, the city is also home to one of 12 German digital hubs. However, this innovative start-up spirit extends far beyond the German capital, with the new federal states in Eastern Germany also being a hotbed of start-up activity.

GTAI will take a group of start-ups from the region to this year’s TechCrunch Disrupt start-up conference in San Francisco to promote Eastern German innovation on an international platform.

Read on to find out more about start-up activity, groundbreaking new scientific and technology developments, and other news from Eastern Germany in our latest newsletter.


Peter Alltschekow
Managing Director Eastern Germany


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  • GERMANY TRADE & INVEST | Start-Up Germany
    Digital entrepreneurs are flocking to Germany’s cities, attracted by the availability of talent, affordability and ever-expanding ecosystems. Markets Germany takes the pulse of the start-up scene with a focus on Berlin among others.
  • GERMANY TRADE & INVEST | Plasma – The Fourth State
    Plasma technology is all around us - although we may not know it. From food hygiene to engine manufacturing, this hidden science has multiple industrial uses, and is the reason why investors are flocking to the German city of Greifswald.
  • GERMANY TRADE & INVEST | F1 in the Sky
    In its Dahlewitz facility just outside Berlin, Rolls-Royce’s Power Gearbox (PGB) has been tested for the first time. The test was one of a series which will culminate in 100,000 horsepower of load – the equivalent of more than a hundred Formula One racing cars.
  • BERLIN | Smart Wearables and Textiles Made in Berlin
    Six finalists have been nominated in the most recent round of Berlin’s Smart Wearables x Textiles Accelerator Program. Among the contenders are smart glasses for visually impaired people by AiServe and “soft prostheses” by Phantom. The winner will be announced in October.
  • BRANDENBURG | Industrie 4.0 in Brandenburg’s Economy
    Digital technologies and interconnectedness will have a considerable impact on almost all companies – from carpenters' workshops, dental laboratories, farms to logistics companies. The role of digitization in the Brandenburg economy has been assessed in a recent study. [in German]
  • MECKLENBURG-VORPOMMERN | Well-developed Infrastructure Key to Foreign Investment
    The Dutch Raben Group has announced the construction of a new logistics center with more than 100 jobs in Fahrbinde in Western Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The close proximity of the A24/A14 autobahn junction has been a decisive argument for the company’s decision.
  • SAXONY | “Sense of Touch“ for Cutting Machine Tools
    Thanks to countless receptors, human skin acts as a sensor and is the basis for precision work. Inspired by this, scientists from the Fraunhofer IWU have developed "SensoTool" for cutting machine tools in order to precisely measure and locate process variables and increase efficiency. [in German]
  • SAXONY-ANHALT | A Possible Milestone in the Fight against Alzheimer’s Disease
    Scientists from Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Fraunhofer IZI, and Halle-based company Probiodrug AG have successfully developed antibodies that can act as potential agents in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. [in German]
  • THURINGIA | New Microgram-Precise Scale Under Development in Ilmenau
    Despite being well protected, the international prototype of the kilogram has lost weight in the last 130 years. For its redefinition in 2018, a microgram-precise scale is required. This is currently being developed at the Ilmenau University of Technology in cooperation with the PTB in Braunschweig.




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