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In 2016 we welcomed some exciting new additions to the corporate landscape in Eastern Germany. In cooperation with the economic development agencies of the federal states, Germany Trade & Invest has compiled an overview of major investment projects in 2016. Read more about this and other new developments in Eastern Germany in the latest edition of our newsletter. We hope you enjoy reading the newsletter.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to receive more information about investing in Eastern Germany.

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Peter Alltschekow
Managing Director Eastern Germany


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  • GERMANY TRADE & INVEST | markets Germany Online Special Top Investments of the Year
    Germany Trade & Invest has asked all economic development agencies of the German federal states about the most interesting and important foreign investments in their territories. The answers have been summarized, creating a picture of the different industry foci of foreign investors in Germany.
  • BERLIN | World Market Leader for Collaborative Workspace Announces New Location in Berlin
    Good news for all Berlin start-ups and entrepreneurs to be: The collaborative workspace provider WeWork will open a third Berlin facility for 1.000 people in 2017. Members can make use of an individual or shared desk, exchange with the community and technical support, among many other advantages. (in German)
  • BRANDENBURG | Brandenburg Innovation Award Metal 2016 for Logistics Solution SINTRA
    Currently used in the metal industry and hospitals, SINTRA, produced by Smartly Solutions GmbH, helps to minimize costs for goods storage and localization. Stored goods equipped with such a tag, which transmits a small unique signal, can be identified and located precisely with the help of a special smartphone app. (in German)
  • MECKLENBURG-VORPOMMERN | Strong Interest in Online Start-up Platform
    The online portal supports start-ups and entrepreneurs in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, and the offer seems to have struck a chord. Last year the website, which provides start-up knowhow, news, funding information and success stories, was accessed by an average of 1,650 users every day. (in German)
  • SAXONY | Energy Saving Program for Memory Chips
    Memory chips are key elements of every computer, but need a lot of energy and produce a lot of heat. The foundations for a new type of chip (AF-MERAM) with considerably lower energy consumption have been laid by scientists from Dresden and Basel. This might be a solution for the cooling problem of many data centers. (in German)
  • SAXONY-ANHALT | Biotech Company IDT Biologika Expands its Global Network
    Dessau-based IDT Biologika recently acquired Ridgeway Biologicals, the leading manufacturer for autogenous vaccines in the UK, expanding IDT’s network of world-wide subsidiaries. Autogenous vaccines could help to reduce the use of antibiotics for farm animals.
  • THURINGIA | Neural Systems Made from Fiber Optics
    As part of the EU research network FINESSE (FIbre NErvous Sensing SystEms), the Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology Jena has been working on the development of optical fiber sensor systems. Acting like neural systems, these sensors shall ultimately be used for the monitoring of pipelines or building structures. (in German)