Cleantech Industry

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Cleantech Industry

The cleantech industry enjoys a significant presence in the new federal states, enjoying ties to the energy supply/efficiency and recycling/recovery sectors through a large number of networks and initiatives.

Germany's Renewable Energy Revolution

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The most prominent economic players are in the solar and wind energy sectors. Approximately 80 percent of all German solar cell modules worldwide are produced in Eastern Germany. Around 40 percent of the wind power plants installed in Germany were also made in the east. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern counts among the leading wind energy generation regions, thanks to projects including Germany’s first commercial offshore wind park ”Baltic 1”.

Bioenergy and biotechnologies also provide a rich seam of potential as an alternative to fossil fuels. With its considerable land mass, Eastern Germany provides excellent location opportunities.

Sustainable water management and closed loop recycling are further important lead markets in Eastern Germany – generating turnover of EUR 11.4 billion and employing a 56 thousand plus strong workforce. In a number of new federal state regions, decades of experience in material recycling have helped create specific know-how which is still market leading and internationally unique.


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