Information Technology

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Information Technology

Information and Communications Technology in Eastern Germany

With turnover of EUR 150 billion, Germany’s ICT sector employs around 900 thousand people in 75,000 companies, with an additional 650 thousand ICT professionals engaged in application-related sectors.

Berlin is among the world’s most attractive centers for new IT start-ups. There are currently 500 start-up companies based in the capital. The presence of a sophisticated research landscape, paired with highly qualified workers and a vibrant cultural scene, is an important provider of impetus to the ICT sector.

Microelectronics in Eastern Germany

Dresden boasts Europe’s largest microelectronics cluster, around which a dynamic printed and organic electronics ecosystem has sprung up.

As well as a strong semiconductor industry, the region also boasts expertise in the fields of mobile communications, software, photovoltaics and future-oriented organic semiconductor technology (OLEDs).

Saxony has established itself as a major international semiconductor manufacturing center. The state boasts two of Europe’s largest and most modern fabrication plants, and provides a base for a number of internationally leading concerns who are benefiting from the region’s high-tech landscape and network of strong partners.

Today, around 2,200 companies with 58,000 employees are active along the entire microelectronics and ICT value chain. Dresden is also home to the world’s first high-volume production line for power semiconductors on 300 mm wafers. These are important building blocks for reaching Germany’s ambitious energy transition and efficiency goals as well as being enablers for tomorrow’s mobility.

Saxony is also providing the answers of tomorrow with complementary cluster activities.


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