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Data Protection Statement

Thank you for your interest in our website. The privacy of your personal data is extremely important to us. As the operators of the website, we at Germany Trade & Invest GmbH take the protection of your personal data very seriously. We treat your personal data confidentially and handle it in accordance with both legally mandated data privacy regulations and this privacy policy. Therefore we are providing you below with detailed information regarding our handling of your personal data.

Personal Data Collection

We only record, process, and use personal data related to the utilization of our website (usage data) insofar as it is necessary for allowing users to make use of our services or for invoicing users for the utilization of certain services.

Website Data Processing

Some of the data recorded when you visit this website is anonymized and used for the statistical analysis and optimization of our page. We send this data to our statistics service provider, Webtrekk GmbH, for processing.

The statistical data that your browser transmits to every website is collected by means of “pixel technology.” The following data is collected in the process:

  • Request (file name of the requested file)
  • Browser type/version (e.g. Internet Explorer 8.0)
  • Browser language (e.g. English)
  • Operating system (e.g. Windows XP)
  • Internal resolution of the browser window
  • Screen resolution
  • JavaScript activation
  • Java on/off
  • Cookies on/off
  • Color depth
  • Referrer URL (the page previously visited)
  • IP address – immediately anonymized and deleted after processing
  • Time of access
  • Clicks
  • Form entries, if applicable (for free text fields, e.g. name. The only data transmitted is whether these forms were “filled out” or “left blank”)

This data cannot be attributed to specific individuals, and it is not merged with data from other sources. Additionally, any personal data that you enter on our site will not be combined with the data listed above.

IP Address

Your IP address is transmitted as part of every server request so that the server knows where the response needs to be sent. Every internet user receives an IP address from his/her internet service provider (ISP) as soon as he/she connects to the internet and the ISP can determine which IP address has been assigned to which of its customers at what time. As soon as the IP address is stored, the identity of the person using that connection can theoretically be determined indirectly via the ISP. This is why we and our statistics service provider only store IP addresses in a shortened (anonymized) form and only use them for the purposes of session identification, geolocation (down to the city level), and preventing attacks. IP addresses are then immediately deleted so that the data collected remains anonymous and the user cannot be identified – not even through the ISP.


Some areas of our website make use of “cookies.” These small pieces of data help to make our website more effective, secure, and user-friendly. Cookies are small text files that your browser stores on your computer. They cannot damage your computer, and they do not contain viruses.

The majority of the cookies we use are “session cookies.” They are automatically deleted at the end of your visit. We also make use of a number of long-term cookies that anonymously identify you as a repeat visitor. Data transmitted via cookies cannot be attributed to specific individuals, and it is not merged with data from other sources. Additionally, the personal data that you submit to us during your use of our website will not be combined with the data collected via cookies.

Webtrekk uses the following cookies in the context of its web monitoring services:

  • Session cookie (for session identification, lasts for: one session)
  • Long-term cookie (to identify new/returning customers, lasts for: 6 months/0.5 years and 12 months/1 year with opt-in)
  • Opt-out cookie (to opt out of web monitoring, lasts for: 60 months/5 years)
  • Opt-in cookie (to extend the long-term cookie, lasts for: 12 months/1 year)

You can determine whether or not cookies should be enabled in your browser settings. What's more, you are able to leave yourself out of the data capture. You are also able to give permission for cookies to be used for 12 months. Simply follow these links:

Data Security

We use encryption technology for all transmissions of personal information/data to ensure the highest possible levels of confidentiality. Your personal data is encrypted using an SSL internet connection. We have implemented technical and organizational precautions in order to safeguard our website and other systems against losses, destruction, access, alteration, and distribution of your data by unauthorized parties.

Right to Information Regarding Your Data

You have the right to receive information about your saved personal data, its source, recipients, and the reasons why it is being stored. If you have questions regarding your personal data that are not answered in this privacy policy, you can contact us anytime:

Data Protection Contacts

If you have questions regarding the collection, processing, or use of your personal data, or if you have questions about accessing information, making corrections, blocking or deleting data, or withdrawing your consent, please contact:

Thomas Pieper E-MailT. +49 (0)228 24993 381

Additionally, you can contact Germany Trade & Invest GmbH’s data protection officer:

Maren BeckerE-MailT. +49 (0)30 200 099 802
Mandy NickeE-MailT. +49 (0)228 24993 372